Monday, March 5, 2012

Gyotaku Fish Printmaking

Gyotaku: Gyo means fish and taku means rubbing. The art of gyotaku was developed in the early 1800's to record a fisherman's catch. Remember, there were no camera's back then to capture an image of a fish. Our class learned the parts of a fish and saw how to create a print from a real fish as well as creating incredible prints from our fish molds. We also got to touch the little teeth of a real fish! Here are some of the pictures of the beauty we captured through our fish rubbings. What an amazing school of fish! 

Chinese New Year Dragons

We started off the year celebrating Chinese New Year : the year of the dragon, by creating clay dragons, handmade bamboo brushes and painting dragons with our hand made brushes, sumi-e style. I throughly enjoyed hearing the students describe what their dragon protected... one student said their dragon gaurded their intelligence, another said their heart, another life and another said that their dragon protected their bedroom from their sibling! What would your dragon protect?