Monday, September 12, 2011

Clay Birds

I always enjoy seeing the colors the students use on their birds.
I display images of real birds for them to use as a reference but I always allow them to be creative with their colors. The personality of each bird is so unique, just like each student!


  1. I love these and also the birdhouses. Is there any chance that you have a tutorial and how you had the kids make these? thanks, brittany

  2. Can you tell me what grade you did this project with? So very cute!

  3. I love these birds, I do many clay animal lessons with my students.
    What kind of wire do you use for their feet!!

  4. How did you attach the wire? These are GREAT - they have so much personality!!

  5. Hi Michelle! These look amazing! May I ask what type of clay you used (I'm no expert) and what kind of paint? We're doing a Da Vinci project at school and I think these would be perfect!
    Thanks, Danielle